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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a primary concern at Find It All E-Mall.

This website does not collect any information from your visit.

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Your security is a primary concern for us.

Actual transactions are handled through each Merchants website, using their shopping cart system. None of your financial or transactional information passes through this site; it is all handled within the secure shopping cart of the individual Merchant you are making a purchase from.

This website is simply a Structured Directory to the individual Merchant websites.

If you have further security concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Merchant in question directly. If your concerns are not addressed to your satisfaction, please contact this site to report your concerns.

Warranties & Liabilities

All liabilities and warranties are held between Buyer and Seller (Merchant).

Find It All E-Mall and its Owner/Operator hold no liability for any transaction made through the use of this website.

Liability for purchased products or services lies solely with the Seller (Merchant) and/or Manufacturer/Supplier of the product(s) or service(s) in question.

Warranties for a specific purchase must be addressed through the Seller (Merchant) and their individual website.

Where possible, contact links for each Seller have been provided on their individual shop page, on this site. Otherwise, contact information can generally be found on the individual Merchants website.

Use of this website signifies acceptance of all website policies.


Financial information for any purchase made, with any Merchant on this website, does not pass through this website.

Payment Processing is handled by the  Secure Shopping Cart System on each Merchants website.

Find It All E-Mall has no control over the Processing of Payments, and therefore Find It All E-Mall holds no responsibility or liability for the Processing of Purchase Payments.

Any issues relating to the Processing of Payments should be handled through the individual Merchant and their websites Contact page.

Where possible, a link to the Merchants Contact page is provided on that Merchants Shop page on this website.


All returns should be handled through the individual Merchant that the original purchase was made through.

Where possible, contact links for each Merchant have been provided on their individual shop page, on this site.

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