What is an iFrame?

Basically, an iFrame is an empty Frame or "Window" placed into a webpage, that allows another webpage and its Content to be displayed within it.

iFrames can be very useful for displaying multiple pages of Content within the same "Window" Frame. Relatively easy to implement, customize and control, iFrames can be useful for a variety of applications.

Find It All E-Mall uses iFrames to deliver a vast amount of Content, without having to reload the page. The site loads to it's Index page, and then loads various iFrames with Content. Each click from a Visitor alters the Content within the iFrames on the Index page. The Index page never needs to load again, unless an Option like Skins or Devices is changed.

In some places within Find It All E-Mall, iFrames are nested three layers deep; an iFrame inside another iFrame inside another iFrame. This allows Menu structures to remain in place, while other Content changes within the Index page.

iFrames are crucial to the functioning of this website; without them Content would take much longer to deliver, having to reload pages completely with every click from a Visitor.

This reloading process is what happens in most websites; when a Visitor clicks, the Browser loads a new page. Most times, however, it is reloading much of the same Content. Things like the website Title and Logo, or the Menu structure generally do not change from page to page.

So why should they have to keep reloading?

Well, they don't have to, with iFrames; and Visitors can see the benefit of this while here on Find It All E-Mall.