Find It All E-Mall is a very unique website built using layered iFrames to deliver content. Each Merchant is given a separate page to display various promotional materials and deep links to content on each of their websites.

An individual "shop" page has been created for each Merchant, providing a showcase of that Merchants offerings and direct links to content on their websites.

This website uses a Graphic User Interface, providing both text and graphic menu options for our Visitors convenience.

Additionally, several extra features are being included into the website to help create a more pleasant and helpful shopping environment for Visitors. These include Options to change the Skin of the website to provide the Visitor with a more personalized experience; Side-Apps like an E-Mall Calendar of Specials, a Weather Widget, and a Package Tracking Widget; and an Ambience Panel which gives the Visitor the option to have background sound for the site, currently including Running Water, Classical Music, and an Internet Radio Widget by Party Vibe Radio.

NOTE: Ambience Panel is only available on the Laptop and Desktop Devices Option

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