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This website is built using iframes for navigation. This allows the main website to load only once, and all content is loaded as needed into the websites various iframes.

Website support pages like Home, About, Help and Contact are always available at the bottom of the page. These pages load into the websites main iframe just like the content pages do.

Content is accessed by way of the menu on the left side of the website. Content is divided into 16 Main Categories, from Accessories to Yard & Garden. This menu is also always available.

Selecting a Main Category will reload the main iframe with Content for that Category. At this point a Blue Menu Bar will be available at the top of the page, with a further breakdown of the selected Category.

Selecting a Sub-Category from the Blue Menu Bar, or clicking on the corresponding Sub-Category Tile, will load the selected Sub-Category Content.

Now you should have a screen with rectangular white Tiles that display various Merchant Logos. These Tiles represent the Merchants that are applicable to the selected Sub-Category.

Clicking a Merchant Tile will load a third level iframe with that Merchants Shop Page on this website.

To go backwards at any time, you can either click your browsers back arrow, or click the Blue Menu Bar Item that is already highlighted (the one you are already in); this will return you from a Merchants Shop Page to the Sub-Category Page. To go back to a Main Category, simply click the Main Category Button in the Main Menu on the left side of the page.

Known Issues

This website has been tested using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Merchant Websites

Please refer to the Help Pages on the Merchants Website for assistance with navigation and use of their website.

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